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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

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It seems the biggest problem behind series 1 of Torchwood may have been that it had an incredibly truncated production, it was rushed in to production and went from concept to screen in something like 9 months. So they really were still working out what the show was while it was in production.
And in addition, the original producer wasn't happy with how things were going (whether that was 'creative issues', or just that as a director stepping up to his first producing job he found producing didn't suit him isn't clear), so he dropped out and went back to directing, with a replacement coming in while production was underway.

Season two largely carried across the same creative team as season one, so they'd got into their stride by then. Then it's all change for season three, as creator Russell T Davies takes a more hands-on role (having been too busy to do much more than write the first episode until then).
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