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Re: Continuum (US) Season 1 Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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No matter what they told their sponsors about selling new cars and cellphones, Continuum's chief audience, 14 year old boys, hadn't been born yet when Time Cop and Time Trax were relevant.
Doesn't change the fact that It's Been Done.

Time Cop is awful. Time Cop II is worse, but I actually enjoyed the Time Cop TV show.
The show's saving grace: No JCVD.

Time Trax would have been a thousand times better if Mia Sara had survived the pilot (or her identical ancestor hadn't just wandered off) and taken over the show... There was an episode of Time Trax where Darian Lambert had to find and capture from the wild an endangered rare Koala that was the missing ingredient to foil a plague ravaging the future.

You know that a shit plot like that makes the worst filth from Voyager seem like War and Peace or Snow Crash.
Time Trax was just fine as a series, and every show has one or two shit eps...VOY just seemed to have an overabundance of them.
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