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Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

I just thought i start a light hearted conversation. This topic has been in my mind for quite some time however I started to think about it more after some IMDB users began to point it out.

Most people argue that in the JJ Universe uhura is now the 3rd lead and Bones has been made into a secondary character.

The synopsis of the new film even states that our three heroes : Kirk, Spock and Uhura head out to capture the bad guy. (or something like that).

Some TOS purists are not happy that the Kirk-Bones-Spock trinity has been dismissed and replaced with Uhura.its not like they hate her character they just feel that it should always be the 3 male guys off on an adventure. some have even accusesed JJ Abrams of pushing a feminist agenda by leting Uhura take Bones part.

However others have dismissed this argument, Some argue that JJ is taking a modern approach to the franchise as things have changed since the 60’s in other words you need a female to go toe to toe with the males. Its the only way you can have a broad audience.

The biggest franchises of the last 15 years such as harry potter, star wars, pirates of the carribean and even the new hunger games series have all had a mixed gender in the leading roles such as,

anakin, obiwan padme
Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth swan, Will Turner
Neo, Trinity and Moepheus.

So...What do you guys think? are you comfortable that uhura replaced Bones as one of the big three or do you prefer the TOS universe where it was male dominated with kirk/spock/bones.

I personally have mixed feeling about this topic as I am some where in the middle.however I do prefer 2 males and 1 female as leading trio (I guess it is my love for the Harry Potter series talking) so kirk-uhura-spock works fine for me. however I want the female to do more and not just be a cute love intrest to one of the males like the awful Twiight series or the Transformer series.

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