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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

Just caught up on the last four episodes. I didn't know that two had aired months ago. As usual, the show is well written and each episode manages to tell a good and complete story in 20 minutes. The only things I don't care for are the often drawn out fight sequences or the new arc involving the manhunters. Neither are very interesting to me.

The New Guy: We meet Guy Gardner. Clever play on the title there. I love his outfit by the way. I didn't like seeing Hal get jealous of Guy but at least some of it was played for comedy. Do they have any tropes for the guy who's liked by everyone to the point of annoyance by the jealous party? Carol broke thing off with Hal but I can see her joining him at some point by rejoining the Star Sapphires. I never saw her stint there as a one-off thing, but her rejoining seems like more of a possibility now. Relationshippy stuff doesn't seem like the way they'll bring the two back together again.

Reboot: Poor Aya. What were the guardians trying to do to her? I'm glad Hal rescued her.

Steam Lantern: Loved the steampunk stuff and the three new characters with their English sensibilities. This episode was especially a good example of how well this show can deliver a full story and rich characters in a short amount of time. And the ending was clever too with Hall bringing an entire planet into our universe. Hope it's in a proper orbit though.

Blue Hope: The full gang is back and we're getting the start of the Blue Lantern Corp. I thought last year that Razer might become a Green Lantern and I'm still holding onto that. Or he could join another corp either permanently or in the interim. I also like seeing the budding relationship he has with Aya. Something tells me that she may not remain a robot forever.

Next weeků Sinestro. The yellow lantern stuff can't get here soon enough.
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