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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

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Then what's your take on Renegades?

I mean, isn't the intention (realistic or not) to ultimately get CBS to "bless" the show and let it run as a sort of new-media web-show kind of like Battlestar Blood and Chrome?

The whole definition of TV is changing. And it could be that the ultimate fate of the prime continuity is some sort of blurring of the lines between a fan production and an official low-budget show. Who is to know?
I think you're confused about what Renegades is. But that's ok, because you aren't the only one.

All Renegades is is a fan production, just like James Cawley's Phase II, that needed CBS's permission to create it, just like all fan productions legally do, since Star Trek is owned by CBS. And, like Phase II, CBS has given them permission to create their production as long as they make no money doing so (although I still to this day wonder how they were able to have a kickstarter campaign to raise the money to make it, as I'd think that was against CBS's rules...).

CBS tolerates these fan productions because they know that no money will be made off them. They have no intention of viewing these things as "pilots" for a new series, because right now CBS doesn't want to produce a new series. I doubt they even care what they're about.

The confusion, I believe, stemmed from some overzealous fans of the production, who believed Renegades was something that it was not. Now that's not a knock on the production itself or the ones who are creating it; just that it was misrepresented by a few people.

And the prime continuity will not be a mixture of a fan production and a low-budget TV show. No fan production is official, because it was not produced by CBS. Period. And CBS will not make a low-budget Star Trek show if they even make one at all.
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