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Agreed; this ep is one of my ENT favorites also, right up there with "Fusion", "The Catwalk", "Dear Doctor", "Regeneration", "Cogenitor", and, yes, "A Night in Sickbay". It's a modest, inexpensive and family-friendly little ep that was one of the few to really fit in nicely with the series' concept.

Now, this sort of ep was never going to make the show any new fans, nor would it stem the loss of old ones. Though charming, it's also kinda bland, and, now that we've seen Polly's brightly-color catsuits, her original one postively screams boring! rug store! reject! every time it's onscreen. Overall, the ep is canned chicken soup, ordinary but comforting.

If this sounds like kinda faint praise, it is; still, the ep's not boring, banal and pointless, like much of S1-2, or mean-spirited and off-putting like most of the over-balleyhooed S4. I don't think the writing was ever sharp enough to overcome franchise fatigue, but to pass the time on a cold and rainy day, one could do a lot worse than "Fallen Hero".
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