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Re: Did Klingon culture become too stereotyped by the end of DS9?

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I think the exploration of Klingon culture started and ended with "Heart of Glory". Everything after that is an endless repetition of what was shown in that episode.
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It's like they took the Klingon culture from Heart of Glory, and a couple of other TNG episodes, and used it like a Bible on their culture - explaining every part of Klingon culture as being within that framework
You're both correct. But the true irony, in my opinion, is that by accentuating those aspects of Klingon culture, the writers were completely missing the point that was made in "Heart Of Glory" itself: namely, that the three Klingon renegades discovered by the Enterprise D were retrogressives who wanted a return to 'traditional' Klingon values. The implication we're left with in that episode, therefore, is that 'modern' 24th century Klingon culture is not so obsessed with HONOR and GLORY.

The next episode to do anything with Klingons (S2's "The Emissary") pretty much stuck true to the message given in "Heart Of Glory". It really only began going wrong from "Sins Of The Father" onwards, where (wilfully or not) staff writers like Ron Moore seemed to misunderstand, instead drawing the entire Klingon Empire as being exactly like the renegades seen in "Heart Of Glory".
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