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Re: Enterprise Blu-Ray - Fix the Klingon Battlecrusier!

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I say the K'tinga and D7 are the same design. The only difference is the level of detail that was not possible on The Original Series' budget.

The biggest difference is the hull plating detail - which was added to the CG Klingon ship in TOS-R and on the model in DS9's "Trials and Tribble-ations"
Unfortunately, people who analyse ship designs in detail, note that the models are different - people like Bernd Schnieder at Ex Astris Scientia, and even official people to have worked on the show, like Rich Sternbach would probably agree they are different.

I would like to take the view you are saying. But if anyone writes a new edition Star Trek Encyclopedia, they are going to have to list it as a K'tinga

The only way I can think of explaining it 'officially', is to say that the Klingons have used multiple designs of D7 type battlecruiser side-by-side, and the K'tinga is the original class - the D7 was a variant only used during TOS/TAS.
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