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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

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Meh. Just what the board needs: another Firefly watch thread Myself and a few others haven't seen it/want to rewatch, so here goes for anyone who wants to join in. And I guess it's sorta timely/appropriate as I believe it's the 10th anniversary?

First thoughts: saw Serenity a few years ago but probably like many non-Firefly fans couldn't really make head nor tail of it, and barely recall it now. The main things that left an impression were a kick-ass fight at the beginning and the main lead, who seemed very much a cool wise-cracker in the Han Solo mode. Errr...that's it. But I've been reliably led to believe that there is much to discover and enjoy over the next 14 weeks.
I never saw the show when it first ran, I got the series set and the movie for Christmas and have been discovering the show for the first time myself. I already wonder why I never saw it to begin with. The characters are interesting to say the least.

But Jayne? He's a jerk. Just sayin'.
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