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Re: Enterprise Blu-Ray - Fix the Klingon Battlecrusier!

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The other major thing hat I remember peeved people at the time, was the Romulans, Suliban, and Xirillians having cloaking technology - directly contradicting Spock in one of the most famous TOS episodes of all time - then either Berman or Braga admitting they had never watched TOS in their life, was some of the worst fan publicity you could hope for.

As it happens, I like ENT a lot more now, so I like what Berman and Braga ultimately did with the show, but saying something like that was pretty incredible.
I'm certian they saw "Balance of Terror" - they simply chose to ignore a couple of lines in one episode to better serve their stories.

Remember that TOS rewrote it's own history a lot too! Spock was originally a "Vulcanian" with "a human anscestor" - but nowadays we ignore that and know him as a Vulcan with a human mother. Again, it's little details that don't matter much.

Think about it this way: Spock's amazement at the cloak in "Balance of Terror" was really to explain to the audience of 1966 that there IS some scientific basis to the idea of invisible spaceships. Fast forward to 2001, and it's a very well known concept.
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