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I loved Gerard Christopher as "Superboy"...though it defied credibility that someone that looked like him would EVER be called SuperBOY.
It was a rights issue, as I recall. The Salkinds had sold the rights to Superman and his associated characters to Cannon Films by that point, but they retained the rights to Superboy and his associated characters (which includes the Kents and Lex Luthor as well as Lana -- in fact, it was in the Superboy comics that Luthor and the Kents gained their first names). So they pretty much had to call him Superboy no matter how old he got. It's weird that Superman and Superboy are separate entities from a licensing standpoint, but they are.
Back in the early days, a lot of Superman canon ws established by the radio show and the original Kirk Alyn serials...the Kents were known as Eben and Martha. The same names were used (in fact, much of the original dialogue was used) in the first episode of the George Reeves tv series.

I'd read at one point that the Salkynds had hoped to reacquire the Superman rights, and they planned for Gerard Christopher to succeed Christopher Reeve as Superman eventually when the Supoerboy series had run it's course.

IMHO Christopher weas a far better Superboy than John Haymes Newton, and Stacy Haiduk was a really good Lana Lang. I'd take the Superboy series over Smallville any day, but then, I'm pretty old school when it comes to Superman...
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