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Re: Enterprise Blu-Ray - Fix the Klingon Battlecrusier!

I think the fanrage was because the ship was a K'tinga.

People have the impression that the K'tinga was a refit of the D7, contemporary to the Constitution-class refit.

So, a plain old D7 would have gone down better - but a K'tinga was really out-of-place - and because people take on screen information as gospel in our beloved franchise, there was no way to ignore it - it became part of canon the moment it came on screen.

There is another possibility:

Maybe the K'tinga is an older model than the D7 - but that means it's use in DS9 as a front-line ship, is all the more weird.

I suppose old battleships have sometimes served for 80 years in the Navy, but 250 years of the same hull being refitted comes off as pretty unbelievable.
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