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Enterprise Blu-Ray - Fix the Klingon Battlecrusier!

Who would like to see this?

The infamous Klingon Battlecruiser in Unexpected replaced with the original design for a D4:

It seems unlikely that they will - but TOS had ships outright replaced in the Remastering.

"John Eaves and the rest of the team, understandably exhausted after the Enterprise pilot, were asked to do yet another design at the last minute. Eaves did, labeling it an Early Klingon Battle Cruiser, the D-4 designation later given to it at Foundation Imaging."

"Yet, the producers said that "its windows weren't prominent enough", a fact Eaves was very unhappy with."

"Due to time constraints, they ended up reusing the battle cruiser model that was built for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and had previously appeared in another discontinuity in VOY: "Prophecy", as a D7 class battle cruiser. A CGI model was built at Foundation, but was overruled. As Rob Bonchune recalled the situation, "The only other original design that was also chopped (that I remember now) was the John Eaves Klingon D-6 or D-5 [sic] that I included in my calendar image for 2006. It was originally done FOR FREE for Star Trek: Enterprise by Koji, who stayed up 36 hours to do it for the show. It looked great, but then the "producer(s)" said, "put more windows on it". "
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