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Eek, it probably was Fusion (I blame creeping senility).
Nah, I think your memory is biased into only remembering episodes with Steven Culp in them.

Thanks for joining the discussion, NeedsOfTheMany! Glad to hear from another fan of this episode.

Yeah, one of the main strengths of this episode is that Archer grows up and manages to overcome his established dislike of the Vulcans. But I think he is willing to do so because VLar gives him reason to by acting as free of prejudice herself. She begins by treating him with courtesy and, aside from hiding certain secret aspects of her mission, she always keeps herself on the same level with the Enterprise crewmembers that she meets. She doesn't act like a superior being like the other Vulcans do, and I think that's what made Archer change his mind. With T'Pol making all sorts of preparations for V'Lar's visit, he was obviously expecting the annoying, stuck-up Vulcan that he was used to (remember the Vulcan captain in "Breaking the Ice"?). Instead, he's visibly surprised when V'Lar extends her hand to shake his, observing the customary Human greeting. The fact that she's willing to treat him differently is what makes him overcome his own prejudice, I believe. He just needed to be given a chance.
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