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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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I don't think anyone still believes* in the classical pantheon
There are communities of neo-pagan revivalists in Greece today, tens of thousands of people at least. Sometimes tied to ultra-nationalist Greek political groups.

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Hopefully organized religion has gone the way of the dodo by the 23rd/24th century. We're supposed to evolve, right? Not stay stuck in the dark ages.
Hopefully, in the future we won't be seeing suppression of personal choice, whether you believe in God (or gods), or believe God doesn't exist. You will have the freedom to follow your beliefs.

People should ALWAYS have the choice what to believe as long as the y don't impose their belief system on others.
But hopefully we will have global education on a level where everyone can make an informed decision on what to believe.
And that will most likely to point of near certainty lead to naturalistic views of the universe without the need for god/s and other unfounded supernatural beliefs.
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