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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Moebius Part 2: Eh this got kind of .. rambling and odd. People's instant willingness to screw with and/or erase their existence when presented with a "fact" that the timeline was changed is always hard to swallow. Sure these people were shown a more exciting existence but it's not like they were going to experience it. I mean really if someone showed up and told you that you could be this fabulous person and have a much better life than you have now if you fix the timeline but oh btw you personally won't experience this how many people would be jumping up and down begging to do it?

And Cardigan Carter wants to destroy the ship and just live out her life in the tech free shit hole that is ancient egypt, she can't even get a little luxury going by inventing stuff. Right. Well I'd rather believe she and O'Neill used went somewhere nice while they had a ride.

Good to see the always fated Kawalsky.

As to going back to get the ZPM in the first place, it was a stretch. Sure Ra didn't know what it was but to march into Ra-land and grab the thing and make no impression on anyone at all is a bit ludicrous.

I thought Part 1 was an all round better episode.

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