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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"Regarding "energizers", they're likely anything that provides energy to any shipboard system. In the modern navy and industrial terminology, "energizing" or to "energize" equipment means to power equipment with electricity."
In TOS the deflector shield generators appear definitely to be such equipment. In the "Doomsday-Machine" Spock reports the loss of deflector shields (there seems to be a distinction between the main deflector keeping space debris out of the ship's flight path and individual shields that protect certain sections of the ship) and the next moment Lt. Palmer, apparently, tells the reason (power failure in main energizers).
Combined with the information from "Elaan of Troyius" it would appear that deflector shield power doesn't necessarily require energy from a M-AM reactor.

Following the scene there is another hit on the Enterprise. Whether the loss of warp and instant phaser power is due to this hit or the aforementioned main energizer power failure could be debated, but I think that power loss is also due to the main energizer power failure.

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"The Enterprise has been referred to having "main energizers" and what I would imagine as some kind emergency or auxiliary energizers (aka "auxiliary power" as Saavik switches to that after losing the main energizer during a simulation in ST2.)"
I presume the output of these energizers to be this enigmatic "battery", "reserve" or "auxilary" power but that doesn't mean that the energizers' output is only limited to 'secondary' energy.

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"I don't believe the energizers would be directly used to heat up antimatter though. Instead the energizers would energize the antimatter thermal regulators YMMV."
If the energizers are fusion reactors whose plasma (several million degrees hot) is used straight as the matter fuel for the M-AM reactor, there wouldn't be the need to heat up the matter reactants.
With the antimatter that would be a different issue and the unanswered question - that's bugging me for a long time - is, whether you couldn't preheat antimatter by simply putting it into a fusion reactor, too (add to this you'd probably get some extra antimatter fusion energy output in the process).


P.S. @ Mytran

The Season One engine room ceiling was another reason why I felt this cut scene shot was definitely worth mentioning.
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