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Episode of the week: Conspiracy

Wow! The end of this season seems to have appeared out of nowhere. I've always thought of Skin of Evil and We'll Always have Paris being much closer to the start of the final third of the season. Guess I'll have to get around to buying those flawed season two discs. Anywho...

This episode feels "epic". It seemed to be much longer than 47 minutes, and not in a bad way. It was great to see continuity from Coming of Age and good to see Jack, Beverly and Picard's backstory fleshed out a little more with the introduction (albeit briefly) of Walter Keel (any novels mention more about him?)

With regards to the HD remaster - I always remember an interview with Frakes where he bemoaned the fact that he ate one of the live maggots yet those frames ended up on the cutting room floor. I would have LOVED to have seen this found and added to that scene! Also visible in HD is the name PSI 3000 on the star map behind Remmick - nice reference to TOS.

Nitpicks - Data seems to go missing in this episode. I know that as second officer, he's in charge in the absence of the Captain and First officer, but it seems like he's being kept out of the way on purpose. Like his involvement would end the story sooner.

For an excellent continuation of this story read DS9's relaunch. I forget the precise books but the entire series is a good read.
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