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Re: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Sheriff Jody Mills was floored when the news about Bobby Singer (the town drunk to her), that he was in fact in collusion with the mass murder family known as the Winchesters. She never took Bobby to be that kind of guy. She was just about to call the FBI when another call came in.

“Sioux Falls, Police Department, Sheriff Jody Mills speaking.”

“Thank god I got ahold of you.”

“Who is this?”

“My name is Melinda Gordon. I have it on the highest authority that Bobby Singer and the Winchester Boys are innocent.”

“Really, and what can I do about that?”

“We need to speak in person. I am hopping a flight right now to Sioux Falls. We need to go to Phoenix.”

“Ma’am I cannot just up and go like that.”

Suddenly, a rush of wind and what sounded like a flap of wings and suddenly there was a man standing in front of her wearing a trench coat.

“You must help her, these men are important.” He touches her head and vanishes. She forgets he was there but his message remains.

“Who are you again?”

“I am a friend, someone who can help us get the boys back to where they belong.”

“I may regret this, but okay, I’ll meet you at the airport.”

In an Arlington Virginia Storage Center, the TARDIS materializes and Peter, Hiro and the rest of the gang emerge.

“I will be back with Claire in a few moments – River, would you do the honors of piloting the TARDIS? I want to be precise in this situation.”

“Not trusting yourself completely, Doctor? I am surprised!”

“It’s not that, it’s just that I want to be able to delegate certain private things to you, to show my trust and appreciation of you, River. I never did that before and I am sorry."

“New TARDIS, new Doctor, I am not surprised in the least my love.”

“I am still the same person, in the same body even.”

“Just changed, due to a woman named Clara.”

“Well she and I were very good for each other.”

“You make her sound amazing.”

“She was. Amy and Rory met a version of her. A future version but still.”

“She sounds fascinating. Well I am not going to be jealous my love. Just make sure that I am found and all will be well.”

“Well everyone, we will be back quickly. Please locate him and wait for us to return.”

“Okay Doctor,” says Peter. As the TARDIS dematerialized, Jack and Hiro were in an interesting conversation about immortality. Hiro was talking about Adam Monroe, and Peter decided to scout ahead and look for the storage unit.

In her dorm room, Claire and her roommate Gretchen were discussing what had happened in Central Park and in Coyote Sands, while studying for exams.

“It’s not that unfeasible to have an alien time traveler. That Jack guy was also a time traveler from another planet.”

“I know, but with all the weirdness in our lives, where will it end? I just want a normal life. I can’t even get that, for crissakes.”

“Claire, one thing you are not taking to heart, is that the world is weird. Even more weird than you ever thought. If you don’t roll with the punches and live it to the fullest, it will destroy you. I mean look at me, I just found out that aliens exist, time travel is real and that your dad can be resurrected – dead from being sliced across the neck. Your uncle had to tell you that. Your grandmother would never have discussed it I am sure, and I found out in a diner in the desert, during lunch.”

“I know. It must be very hard putting up with me.”

“Nope, just remember to come up for a breath from your whining and moping, okay? No one wants to see or live with someone in close quarters who is always complaining and depressed. I mean you have a lot to live for, much more than me. Amazing things are supposed to happen – but also some horrible stuff. I think we should work together to keep each other sane and happy, what do you say?”

“Okay. That sounds like a plan.”

Just then a telltale grinding sound was heard and a localized wind blew the papers round the room. A blue box with a sign that read Police on it appeared in the room. Out stepped the Doctor and a woman that Claire never saw before.

“Claire Bennet I would like to introduce you to my wife, River Song.”

Astrid Farnsworth was having a very strange day. First, mass-murdering suspects got released on supervised bail (never happened to her knowledge ever), then a man comes in claiming to work for an ultra-secret division that to her recollection never existed, and that even the President had to answer to it, and then to top it off, a strange man in a trench coat just materialized right next to her between her and Walter Bishop. It was just too much. She screamed, and then promptly fainted.

“Astro!!! Please friend, help her!!”

“I will, but what I have to say needs to be said in present company without her recollection, so this is fortuitous.”

“Oh well, by all means, please tell us why you’re here," says Peter with a snarky attitude.

“Ahh yes, sarcasm, I am learning more and more about it each day. I am Castiel, and Angel of the Lord. I come to you with a message, Agent Dunham, I am here to tell you that you are important to the Lord’s Plan. Also, that these men are not guilty of murder. They are very important to the End of Days. We seek to stop that event from occurring. Peter, the Lord is pleased with you. You are helping to solve many issues plaguing this world; Agent Farnsworth is also well liked. Walter, the time is coming where you will face great difficulties. Please be strong. You are well-liked and will be able to overcome these issues. God forgives you, and you and he are on good terms. Your repentance is assured. I must go; your agent Farnsworth’s scream has drawn the attention of those in the motel room. You are about to get a call from a Sheriff Jody Mills, I suggest you take it seriously. God is with you.” A flap of wings and he is gone.
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