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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

For a basic reproduction of a transporter room with the accurate proportions, I'd first like to see the basic configuration of the one we've seen in the 1 3/4 seasons.

As for the Season Three variations I'd think that the one from "The Savage Curtain" ('gooseneck wall' at a 90 angle to the entry wall) is the basic model (the transporter room is essentially a rectangular room, so I think this "feels right").

The wall with the extra monitor console and "Spock's viewer" appears to be flexible (as in real life). Since the console probably allows you to take readings on who or what just arrived on the platform, certain situations might require discretion, therefore they have the option to move this extra monitor a little outside the field of vision of a new arrival.

Apparently, as Mytran pointed out, the "Let That Be..." transporter room is still of a different kind.

The one that keeps bugging me (thinking ahead of its location in the deck plans) is the transporter room with the nearby turbo lift at the end of the transporter room corridor. At the beginning of "Elaan of Troyius" the turbo lift ride takes almost one minute and two thirds of that time is horizontal travel.


What's the gooseneck thingy for? A video camera?
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