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Re: Was The Expanse really 50 ly from Earth, and 2000 ly across?

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I don't see a problem with the size, Enterprise didn't cross the entire Delphic Expanse
The problem with 2000 light years is, the Expanses's destruction would have been the most important event in the entire of galactic history, bar none.

A human NX-class ship, which nobody had heard of, prior to season one of ENT, would have reshaped a 2000 light-year wide region of the galaxy - which is also somehow only 50 light years from Earth (!?!)

A 50 light-year wide area would be much more justifiable.

There are thousands of star systems within 50 light years of Earth - and three civilizations, the Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites, within just 15 light years.

So a region of space 50 by 50 would be much more believable, if it went missing - 2000 light years on the other hand, takes up half of the sky, when viewed from Earth - and is probably larger than the entire Federation, discounting Picard's statement from First Contact, because the Federation is probably a core of maybe 100-light years (only way TNG and DS9 make sense), with a few outlying members and outposts thousands of light years away.
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