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Re: HMV to go into administration

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Very sad as you can see on this graphic it has been coming for a long time:
I have seen our price go, then tower, then virgin who became zavi then went. Hmv who sold waterstones a couple of years back have dropped like a stone. Amazon who are based in Ireland and jersey to keep taxes low mean high street stores cannot compete. Then there was mp3 which iTunes and others cained them on. Electrical goods never paid off for them. Now the banks have pulled the plug they will follow comet, woolworths(uk) Jessops and the others into the history books, only question is is who is next?
Well the Jersey loophole is being closed (maybe too late for HMV) and Play for one are folding up their tents.

Thing is I don't have a lot of sympathy for HMV, I remember back in the day (the day being the mid to late ninties/early noughties) before online shopping became the norm, and HMV was always expensive. I pretty much used to always end up buying at Virgin because most of the time it was cheaper.

I also wonder if they didn't get a bit big for their boots during the good times. It's only a couple of years ago that there were three HMV stores in Nottingham, plus FOPP once they bought its store in Nottingham as well. I thought it was madness at the time. They stripped down to one store and FOPP but too late I think.

It is sad though. will there be much of a Highstreet left soon?
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