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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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I'd like to think by the 23rd century, assuming humanity is even a going concern, we don't look into every little thing looking for something to get our feelings hurt and cry foul over.

I would like to agree, but the way things are, the trend seems to be going the opposite way. If anything, the cry of "I'm offended!!!" will likely be used more often. .
You have no idea how right on the money you are.

It so bad today that you can't make a crack about something totally innocuous without someone reading their own personal paranoid BS into it, and projecting something completely different onto your words, and screaming: "LAW GIVERS,.. LAW GIVERS,.. LANDRU,.. HELP ME,.. I'VE WET MYSELF,.. LANDRU,.. "

It's Pathetic.
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