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Re: Was Timeless the best Harry Kim episode better?

That's not how it's done.

The producer plots the season, which character they want the focus of each story and maybe three lines as a general outlline idea seed, and then they make the writers room fight over who gets what.

The producer then says to the room "I need 3 Chakotay stories, one of them has to be about his family, the other two make him look like an sshole because Beltran has been pissing me off, 2 B'Elanna stories possibly involving tribbles, and a Harry story about anything, can I see a show of hands? Who wants what?"

For some reason I think Berman stopped accepting Spec Scripts at some point, but I can't back up that cruddy memory of something someone here said.

(The room was mostly virtual constructed with lots of expensive long distance phone calls.)
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