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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Maybe it's the huuuuuuuge break between episodes but I'm confused as to who the bad guys are. For the episodes before now, it was the Kroletarians, is that a made up race? But I assumed it was always about Darkseid, because of all the hints in the third season. But now it appears to be the Reach. So were the Kros working for the Reach the whole time? Could Darkseid be behind the Reach? Is "The Light" working for the Reach? They always seemed to be with Darkseid in season one.
I figure that its all going to work out like this:

The Light was responsible for sending the big 6 away, bringing Earth to the galaxy's attention. Their actions, by design, attract the attention of the Reach.

The Reach hires the Kroloteans to infiltrate Earth and gather intelligence to prepare for an invasion by the Reach.

The whole point of attracting the Reach is to undermine the Justice League and rip down Earth's only line of defense, aswell as undermine confidence in the population for the superhero community.

We will ultimately discover that the invasion and the creation of The Light were all the handiwork of Darkseid.
That's pretty much my interpretation of events too. Although I had thought the Kroloteans and Reach were unconnected. I thought they both just decided to take advantage of the lack of the JL by themselves.
I definitely think Darkseid is somehow involved with all of this though, Godfrey's presence makes that pretty clear.
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