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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I've only seen "The Mind of Evil" once and I don't really remember that part. What happened?
There;'s a scene while the prison is under the control of the prisoners/the Msster, and the Doctor's comatose after being attacked by the Keller Machine, where Dr Summers (the ubiquitous Michael Sheard) gets to examine the Doctor very briefly, and gives Jo something to help the Doctor recover when he's awake enough to take it.
When the Doctor does come round, he looks at it and rejects it, saying "It would have killed me." It's a nice throwaway to the Doctor looking human, but that he isn't.
At some point, someone saw that scene, assumed the drug was aspirin, mentioned it in a fanzine, so it became a given that aspirin killed Time Lords for years...
Which is funny since he mumbles the name of the medicine and then tells Jo it's raw metabolism just before the "It probably... probably kill me Jo" line. It's a metabolism booster, not an aspirin. The reason why it's deadly for him to take is because at that point in the story he's trying to slow down his metabolism and enter a hibernation state to heal himself, taking a booster would have the opposite effect.
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