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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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I don't like Bevell. Just a Favre lackey IMO. Maybe he's grown in the past couple of years.
Yeah, Bevell kind of bothers me due to the Green Bay / Minnesota connections; I'd think there's a non-zero chance he retains Mike Tice as the offensive coordinator, which terrifies me, and if he brought Childress onto the staff (you never know), I'd probably have a coronary.

Trestman just kind of bothers me on a fundamental level. I really don't like the idea of a hire that says, "well, our offense has been inconsistent, so we're going to hire an offensive-minded coach who hasn't worked in the NFL in nine years." Gameplanning in the CFL is very different from the NFL, given the immense talent disparity.

Supposedly Bruce Arians is in the mix and canceled a second-round interview with the Eagles, so that's an interesting factor, too. In any event, it sounds like now that he's been told he's no longer part of the mix, Dave Toub is a lock to rejoin Andy Reid in Kansas City, which fucking sucks.
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