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Re: Speed of Ferengi cultural change: Believable?

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Once people got the idea that maybe general racism wasn't a good thing? About ten or twenty years. That very idea wasn't exactly new, but it wasn't widely vocalized until the 1950's or '60's - in any part of the world. And in fact, it is still the operating norm in most of the world.
Really? 1850-60?
That would be 1865 at the very latest (the end of the american civil war).
Of course, influential philosophers have demonstrated the moral bankrupcy of slavery long before that to anyone who cared to look.
Thinking "Hey, maybe we shouldn't enslave and own people" is is quite different from "Maybe we shouldn't hate on other folks just because they look different/are not from a certain place."
The ferengi women are de facto house slaves. As such, the relevant period is from slavery to being recognized as equal - as I made clear in my previous posts before your poor attempt to distort the meaning by quoting out of context.

There are more ways to earn money that just owning a business.
Yes - having a job; which also requires skills the ferengi women don't have.

And that "1% inspiration" goes a long way - without it, all the education and training in the world won't get you very far
Without education, all the inspiration in the world is utterly useless.

The older women, at least, would have some education - who do you think teaches the children in the family?
Fabricating 'evidence' with no support is irrelevant as arguments.

To the Ferengi, 90+% of acceptance in society is how much money you make (indeed, how one makes their money doesn't really seem to matter, in general).
Ferengi women don't make money; also, they're pennyless.

Uh, when you allow 100% more consumers, there's going to be a lot more money floating around out there.
As already said:
-in order to buy (creating profit for ferengi business men), one must have money; in order to gain money, one must have a job; in order to have a job, one must have skills useful on the work market - skills which the vast majority of ferengi women lacked.

Husbands aren't necessarily going to be happy (but are they ever really happy when the wife spends money? )[...]
Such fluff can't cover the reality of the depicted situation: these 'wifes' are essentially property, and the overwhelming majority of ferengi strongly believe this is their rightful place.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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