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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 68; A New Beginning...

Sisko: I can't believe the fans think I'm trying to copy that Picard with this look.

Kira: Who's that half Cardassian/Bajorian?
Dukat: Ah... that's my daughter... Kira Ziyal.... your mother and I were.... well you have a half sister!
Kira: What?!
Dukat: You may call me daddy.

Martok: I challenge you to a drinking contest! The stakes are if I win, I get your left eye. If you win, you can have a night with my wife. Do you accept? If you don't, I shall simply fight you to the death!

Quark: That's right, it says so right here in the rules. Females must play naked or forfeit one bar of latinum each hand.

Worf: This was a great camping trip. The hunting, the outdoors... well I'm all packed up and ready to get back to the station. I have the feeling I'm forgetting something though...
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