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Re: How would '94/'95 have been better spent?

I would say neither. In retrospect, I think the best option would have been to just run DS9 on its own for awhile, assuming they could've re-worked the syndication contract and move it to UPN.

It would have been the perfect time to do it since the show was essentially being rebooted with season 3 anyway. It would have given it the stronger showing in many markets that it badly needed, and they could have easily rewritten "The Search" to add some "catch-up" exposition for new viewers.

This would also have allowed for more prep time for Voyager--something it badly needed.

As far as the film, it would have been better to wait for that too until they could bring in some outside talent in a few areas. Carson is a fine director; however, he directed the film the same way he directed episodes of TNG and DS9 which is a big reason why it has the "glorified episode" feel. Same goes with McCarthy's score. He scored the film like the umpteen different episodes he scored--with the excessive use of the middle-register horns. Yeesh.

It also would have given Braga and Moore time to tighten up their script.

I seem to recall reading once the reason why it was rushed was so they could ensure they got Dee into it. But since he ended not in it anyway, I don't see why they couldn't have postponed.
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