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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 68; A New Beginning...

What would Jack Donaghy do?

Dukat: I have season tickets, you know.
Kira: Now you mention it??

Martok: E, W, M, Upside-down ampersand, squiggly line, squiggly line, uh, Q -

Bashir: That's not the eye chart, Martok. That is Commander Worf in a hospital gown.

Kira: Oh gods, Worf. Don't pick up that pencil.

Dax: I'm out of latinum. Would you accept naked pictures of Kira?
Quark: I always do.

Are you looking at porn? There's an available woman right here, Worf!

I am committing Major Kira's expressions to memory. Thank you, Quark!

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