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ENTER! ENT AV Contest: Borderland/Crossover Actors/Bugs Bunny

last time on Enterprise...

R. Star wrote: View Post
Well it's time for our winners and it's a confusing thing to swallow but we'll get through it!

In our Episode category we have dual 50's Vulcan goodness in a tie between.


Praetor Shinzon

jespah, JiNX-01 and Orac all get to share some sloppy puppy kisses in a three way tie for second!

In our Enterprise Theme we have a clear cut winner with some homemade pe-can pie..


Hopeful Romantic and Praetor Shinzon get the puppy kisses!

In our Random Theme total confusion ensues in choosing the best lackey in a three way tie!


Praetor Shinzon


jespah and yours truly get some puppy kisses for second!

So! Two ties, one small and one big!

HopefulRomantic and Praetor Shinzon need to come up with a new episode and decide who runs the next contest!

Skywalker is our only clear cut winner and gets to pick the next Enterprise theme!

Orac, Praetor Shinzon and Skywalker... get to somehow figure out a random theme!

I'll leave it to you to figure out how to settle this, if yall want I can do a run off!
first up our episode for this contest is Borderland. the first ep in the Augment trilogy. next, our theme for this contest is Crossover Actors. Trek alums who guest starred on other Trek productions. Its an all-Trek theme rather than limit it to just ENT. finally our random theme is that wascally wabbit Bugs Bunny.

standard contest rules apply. good luck!
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