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Re: Episode of the Week: Skin of Evil

There's something very wrong with any world where that clip of Riker going "Dayda! Dayda, something's got meeaaaaayyyyeeee!!!!" doesn't become an internet meme. Let's make it happen!

Love this episode, despite it's obvious cheapness. Armus is (conceptually) a strong villain, a being of pure unadulterated evil that even Starfleet's white hats can't reason with. And the death of Tasha Yar has got a genuine poignancy. For once, Roddenberry's instinct that it should be a "senseless death" was IMO dramatically sound, as it properly underlines that, regular character or not, the Enterprise's security force is a dangerous job, and it doesn't matter if you're the Chief or simply a nameless Red Shirt, you've got just as much chance of being swatted down as the next guy. There's a kind of dull surprise to her sudden death which adds an impact that a more theatrical, heroic death never could have done. In fact, would it be heretical of me to suggest that I actually thought the idea of giving her a specifically more herioc departure in "Yesterday's Enterprise" (ultimately nullified by the Sela arc, admittedly) was... less interesting?
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