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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I saw him kiss Uhura and have a few tender moments, no "banging"
You're probably the only person on the planet who doesn't think he banged Uhura. Heck, some people think Kirk banged Spock. It doesn't take an actual sex scene to prove it.
Actually, it does.

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Temper tantrums are part of some classic Spock scenes in TOS.
Which Nimoy disavows in interviews as him "finding" the character. Those scenes are in the can and you can retcon it if you want, but it wasn't how they originally planned him.
If its part of finding the character, then it has to be how they planned it. Spock was having tantrums as late as Season Three.

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That said, Spock in ST09 was presented as a complex character. There several well scripted moments with Uhura, his parents and of course Kirk that highlighted this complexity.
Which would be easy to miss with all the lens flare and "punch-its".
Not if you pay attention. Are you really that easily distracted?

If people want to judge JJ Trek as just a fun romp, so be it, but don't proceed to defend it as some sort of great piece of drama. It's not, and as far as I'm concerned a lot of it is as bad if not worse in the writing department as The Final Frontier, it's just that you don't notice it as much because the budget is higher, the editing quicker, and the cast is more photogenic. People winced when an old Scotty hit the beam in The Final Frontier, but now, inexplicably, people seem to enjoy seeing a young Scotty get shot through the brewery like a scene from Willy Wonka. Maybe people's taste is what needs a reboot the most.
I'm sorry, but where did I say it was great drama? There are some standout scenes, as there are in most Trek outings, but only the blindly delusional confuses Star Trek with great drama.

Both scenes with Scotty ( Scotties?) are funny. I laughed, just as I laughed when a drunk off his ass Scotty said "It's green" in TOS. Humor is not an anathema to Star Trek.
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