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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

"if he really did have any chance of getting to develop a Trek series, he wouldn't have spilled the whole idea to the public before even getting a meeting with CBS."

Then what's your take on Renegades?

I mean, isn't the intention (realistic or not) to ultimately get CBS to "bless" the show and let it run as a sort of new-media web-show kind of like Battlestar Blood and Chrome?

The whole definition of TV is changing. And it could be that the ultimate fate of the prime continuity is some sort of blurring of the lines between a fan production and an official low-budget show. Who is to know?

Not that long ago people never thought CBS would pony up the dough to remaster the FX for TOS, and then they didn't think TNG would ever go high-def. I don't think it's likely they'll want to continue the prime continuity outside of Star Trek Online, but I wouldn't rule it out as long as it is truly in its own niche.

Look how many years it's taken to develop the JJ Trek sequel. That's lots of years for a franchise to basically lie fallow. So one could say that they want to not overexpose the franchise, they do kind of have an interest in keeping the coals going inbetween sequels if it's going to take 4 years between each movie. Hell, you can have an entire series run in that span of time.
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