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Re: Sex and the City Prequel: The Carrie Diaries

Just saw the premiere. I probably would have sampled this show then bailed, but I enjoyed Sex and the City and thought this was a good enough compliment to that series that I hope to stick around. The production quality matches that of Sex and the City and I can already see a lot of the older Carrie in this younger version. I'd think that things would start getting exciting when she becomes sexually active, assuming the show gets that far and they don't try to sidestep the issue, but she's been described as more of a romantic, so I can see them downplaying the sexual component.

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It's not a true prequel to the movies, they are doing their own thing for the show, her dad isn't dead, and she hasn't had sex yet.
I don't remember much about Carrie's backstory but I read that this is an issue. I don't like when prequels mess with continuity like this and I hope they can explain away any seeming contradictions.

I also read that when Carrie first moved to the city, she met Samantha Jones, who then became her guide and mentor. Looks like that role is being filled by someone else, but I think Samantha can still fit. This other girl is a bit on the shady side, so maybe Samantha will come to the rescue. If Samantha is indeed one of her first friends in the big city, then she'll probably have to show up pretty soon if the series lasts.

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