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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I find that many people have a limited perception of Spock, often focusing on the "logic" thing, while missing the complexity of the character.
Yeah, all that missing complexity, like banging Uhura or throwing temper tantrums. That JJ, he sure knows how to add subtlety and depth to characters. It helps to use the writers from character studies like Transformers 2 also. I mean, that transformer with the wrecking ball nuts was right up there with Shakespeare.
I saw him kiss Uhura and have a few tender moments, no "banging" Temper tantrums are part of some classic Spock scenes in TOS. And I was talking about Spock in TOS, but you're so quick to jump in with your "this movie sucks" schtick you missed that.

That said, Spock in ST09 was presented as a complex character. There several well scripted moments with Uhura, his parents and of course Kirk that highlighted this complexity.
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