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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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Going someplace and coming back - or even going there and digging a hole where you can live for a while - isn't "getting off this rock" as a way of protecting the human race from nuclear war, et al.

The reasoning seems to be that since we arguably aren't making a go of surviving in a lush, welcoming and completely livable environment with every kind of resource that we need, the best solution is for a few people to flee to some wasteland somewhere that maintaining breathable air requires a highly technical ongoing effort and seeing if we can start over better there.


Just because imaginative and romantic images of space exploration appealed to children for a couple of generations doesn't make those stories a basis for real future planning any more than having a radioactive spider bite some high school kid constitutes a solution to New York street crime.
Is this romanticism a flip side of an even deeper pessimism? Giving up on the hope of fixing the seemingly intractable problems we face on this planet?
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