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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

Why does this non-story keep getting coverage? David Foster is a guy who has only a couple of minor credits on IMDb. His production company has only done a couple of short subjects. I think the only reason the news sites picked up the story in the first place is because they confused him with a more prominent TV producer with the same name. This David Foster wasn't much more than a fan posting a story idea on the Internet. As far as anyone knows, he's never actually talked to the studio about it.

Hell, if he really did have any chance of getting to develop a Trek series, he wouldn't have spilled the whole idea to the public before even getting a meeting with CBS. That's just not the way it works. Look at any legitimate TV or movie production and you can see how slowly the information seeps out. People working on actual projects like to keep the details secret for a variety of reasons -- ideas are still in flux, contracts haven't been signed, you name it. So the fact that Foster revealed so much of his idea online is the best reason to doubt that anything was ever going to come of it. He was probably just trying to drum up fan interest in his idea in the hopes that it would convince CBS to let him pitch it to them. And obviously it didn't work, nor was there any reason to expect it would. If there's to be a new Trek TV series anytime soon, it'll probably be developed by either Bad Robot or Kurtzman/Orci.
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