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"The question of the use of technological means, in everyday life and elsewhere, is a political question.
More likely a question of personal desire, market forces and consumer safety.

I think what Mr. Debord was getting at is that more often than not technology that makes it to the producers and consumers via the market or other means doesn't upset the social and economic order much. Otherwise it would either be suppressed or not even developed to begin with. Planned obsolescence & artificial scarcity are methods used to keep things in place. The exception and "contradiction" in the system is when a development promises enormous surplus value or strategic advantage despite possible paradigmatic shifts to society. Sort of a cost-benefit analysis which put us in the post-industrial age. Think of the internet, a/c current or even super-injection moulding which greatly reduced costs for both the producers and the consumers.

"We've eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions. We've grown out of our infancy." Capt. Picard.
This is the most foolish and arrogant thing that ever came out of Picard's mouth. They still have personal possessions. They still exhibit wants.
Again, think in terms of Economic Theory. "Possessions" doesn't refer to small, petty personal items but capital: stocks, bonds, real estate, factories, warehouses, natural & human resources, companies, money and the competitive drive to acquire them. Same applies to "want." "Want" on the sociological/economic scale not simply that somebody wants candy or to go to the movies or the beach.
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