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Re: DS9's 20th Anniversary

I'll be working my way to Plagues of Night/Seize the Dawn (DRGIII is my favorite Trek author)

Too bad they couldn't have put some more DS9 books out for the anniversary, like Marco did with Prophecy and Change.

Just compare how Pocket celebrated DS9's 10th with:
1. Prophecy and Change anthology
2. Left Hand of Destiny duology
3. Rising Son
4. Unity hardcover
5. Reissue of Lives of Dax anthology

Now, even for the 20th anniversary, we can't even get a book out with a DS9 logo. I'm not much of a complainer, but man, it sucks for those of us who enjoy DS9, my favorite popular franchise. But at least we're getting two DS9 books part of the Fall, by the two best Trek authors.

It's been said before, but Marco was the MAN. You don't know how good you have it 'till it's gone.
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