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David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

I'm sure that this has already been said on here, but here it is anyway -

(the main parts)

David Foster, a writer, producer and head of the production company 1947 Entertainment, has revealed that he’s planning a new series that is designed to take Star Trek back to its “original series roots.” He’s said the new show will take in all the usual Roddenberry trappings – Klingons, Vulcans and Ferengi, for example – but will feature a much younger cast.
“The series concept is fully developed, subject to change of course,” Foster told Trek Web, “with a solid 5-7 year series plan, pilot script and a conceptualized finale that intends to define Star Trek for generations.”
Foster’s series will take place after the Voyager series of a few years back, and won’t conflict with JJ Abrams’ big-screen take on the Star Trek mythos, since it’s set in a different timeline.

It then goes on to state that it is still very much just "words on paper" and it may never lead to anything, but if it was, from his ideas on a new series, who would you want in it etc and what would one of the major plots be?
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