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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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It was purposely low a number to bring home the point of him being an endangered species. That there are less than 10,000 Vulcans living off-planet only shows the JJ-verse Vulcans are idiots.

But then so are we. We spend half a penny per tax dollar for everything NASA does yet we live in a time when nuclear, biological, and nano technology might have or may wipe us out not too long from now. Can we all agree on a $.02 tax-hike to quadruple our efforts off this rock?
No, that cuts into my latte budget.

Anyway, quadrupling nothing is...nothing. There have never been any serious plans for establishing an independent, viable human culture anywhere other than Earth. There's really nowhere liveable to go that we have any idea how to reach - and the economics of getting to and building on the few less-than-deadly worlds we know of are ridiculous. Putting down a few dozen or a hundred human beings to live extraordinarily limited lives in sealed environments is not exactly establishing a beachhead for species survival.
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