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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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I guess my hopes and dreams now rest on the shoulders of Baltimore. And if they don't get the job done, San Francisco.
I wouldn't put much hope on the shoulders of Baltimore; Brady's going to destroy that secondary.

Word is that the Bears have identified Marc Trestman and Darrell Bevell as the finalists for their coaching job; both will have second-round interviews this week. I don't know much about Bevell, but Trestman would be an ... interesting choice. He's been out of the NFL since 2004, and when he was in the league, he bounced around like crazy, which suggests there may be some personality issues (and he finally decided the NFL was too much and went to Canada to get paid peanuts compared to NFL salaries). He has guided Montreal to a lot of successful runs, but because it's the CFL, it's hard to tell if he's a legitimately good head coach or if he's just benefited from a small league and some elite talent.

So, basically, praying for Marv Levy but fearful of getting Rod Rust.
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