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How would '94/'95 have been better spent?

From a post in TNG, new kid here got me thinking....

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I had never really looked to much into it before as I was only 11 when the last TNG movie came out lol, but recently I have started a re-watch of TNG and started to read into the final season, with the actors being contracted to 8 seasons, and only 7 being made, reasons being that the cast would be available sooner to start on the movies,and to prompt fans to watch more of DS9 and Voyager (among other reasons).

But do you think that they were right in their decision to cut the series down by one season?
I've heard that, too, and I assume there is some truth to it.

I also think that most of us agree that Season 7 of TNG was the weakest since 1/2, so it makes me wonder if season 8 would have been worth much...

That being said, Season 1 of Voyager wasn't exactly The West Wing or M*A*S*H, and it didn't have the characters we'd fallen in love with.

So, if we could do 1994-1995 all over again, surely we would spend less time following the OJ trial, but which Trek would we choose?
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