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Re: Why wasn't Naomi more socially maladjusted?

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Yes , that's self evident from the casting.

Kes also aged slightly faster than humans too.

The point was supposed to be: what's a Kitarian primary School like?

At the age of 3, was she as educated as a ten year old human?

Was she smarter than a human 10 year old to pack all that in so quickly or was the curriculum just fricking intense?
Obviously we don't know what a Ktarian school was like, since we never saw one.

If Naomi needed some particular setting or resource for her education, I'm sure Samantha was able to either program it into the holodeck, or ask Janeway to help her figure out how to get it. We do know that several of the officers taught Naomi things - Tom taught her piloting, the Doctor taught her medical stuff (and probably age-appropriate "social lessons"), Seven taught her science and math (as no doubt Janeway did too, as time allowed) as well as music, Chakotay would have taught her anthropology and history, and so on. As for the rest, just consider that Naomi was taking correspondence courses, except the only people qualified and available to evaluate her progress were on the ship.

And I would hope that in the future, there would be greater knowledge and application of how to learn. We don't have enough of that these days. It takes more than picking up a book, sitting in front of a blackboard with a teacher, or taking an apprenticeship (although the latter is an excellent way to learn. Naomi had all kinds of educational resources and not a lot in the way of meaningless time-wasting activities available. I'm sure she would have a lot of adjustments to make to life on a planet, period, never mind life in the Federation. But since she pretty much took it for granted that she wanted to be a Starfleet officer, I'm assuming that if the series had shown her teenage years, she would have ended up in the Academy.
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