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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Moebius is a horrid, HORRID episode!

In the episode 1969 Sam didn't want anyone doing anything that would wreck the timeline and all this shit.

Yet here comes Moebius and Sam is like "Hell yeah! Let's go back in time! Who the fuck cares?! No one will notice little old us! Fuck the timeline!"

It's just a lame story setup so we can get a bunch of one off jokes. At least part two has an awesome ending.
No, actually she was against going back and relunctantly admitted that the ZPM going missing probably wouldn't have any significant impact on history. And even once they were in the past, she was still nagging about the timeline and wouldn't allow the team to fight their way to the puddle jumper, for fear of what it would do to the timeline.

Trash Moebius if you like, you're certainly entitled to your opinion and the point of these threads is to discuss our varying points of view. However, one should have their facts straight, and Carter's attitude in this episode certainly was not "fuck the timeline."
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