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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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Code of Honor.... when you can summarize the plot with white woman kidnapped on planet of black people, something went wrong in the creative process.
Disagree, with all the "white people" planets that we've seen through the years, there should have been more "not-white people planets" and not none at all.

And your summary was incorect, Yar wasn't kidnapped because she was white, she was taken because she had just put on a martial arts demonstration. Her skin color was irrelevant.
You're right, it's nice to see a planet where the population wasn't just a bunch of white guys. Just wish it was handled a lot better than that.

Let's face it, the people in that episode were basically a collection of offensive Afircan stereotypes. The only thing that really saves that episode is that it's so awful it's kind of good.
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