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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Am I the only one not excited about the Ambassador? It just seems silly to me at this point. I really liked the Oddy, as an anniversary ship, as it was very STO. But the Ambassador? Old and busted I hear there's both a T3 ship (where the Ambassador would logically belong) and a T5 ship. Maybe different?

At least I have some KDF toons this time. I missed out on the ship last year because I was so new I didn't have a second character.
We needed the Ambassador as a mid-tier ship at launch, not now. All my chars are max level and I don't know when I'll start a new one. Plus it's an ugly ship IMHO.
Agreed, on both counts. It would have made sense as the T3 cruiser instead of the Cheyenne-family (along with the Excelsior; imagine the frakenships ), or maybe one of the T4 skins - the Celestial is pretty much Not-Ambassador anyways.

As far as looks, the Ambassador just looks like a pudgy version of the Galaxy and the Galaxy is not my favorite Starfleet ship, not by a long shot (though the beauty shots of the Ent-D were the only good parts of TATV).
Ahem. There are no good parts in TATV.

As for the Big-D, I tend to agree with you guys. I always found the saucer section to be way too big compared to the battle section, making the ship feel like a beached whale.
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