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I had tried once before, some years ago, and managed for a year. This time it's much more important to me. My blood glucose was in the upper 240s four days in a row, and coupled with my blood pressure being high, and the likelihood that I have high cholesterol (can't afford the blood test to know for sure), and I said "that's it, I've had enough."

I know that as a vegetarian, I can at least bring my blood sugar and blood pressure under better control.
Firstly, a very genuine good for you and good luck! I've known type 2s who just didn't care, and didn't even try to care for themselves. That you're making the effort is awesome, and I know that as a type 1 I can't "get it" the way another type 2 could, but if you ever need support or suggestions, I've been navigating diabetes since I was 12, and I know my way around a bit, so feel free to ask!

Secondly, as you probably know, J, I can't let any inexactitude or possible misinformation slide anywhere ever (I try, I really do!), so I wanted to be sure that you knew that meat doesn't affect blood sugar! It is one of the few foods that doesn't! There are a ton of great health benefits from going vegetarian, like weight loss and lower cholesterol, but eating meat won't directly affect your glucose levels. I say directly, because diabetes is complicated as fuck; if you lose weight by going veggie, that will most likely affect your glucose, and the fat and protein in meat slow carbohydrate absorption, which is generally good for blood sugar control. I'm not trying at all to dissuade you from your vegetarianism, I just want to share any information and experience I can, because information and experience are the best tools in dealing with diabetes.

In my own experience, vegetarianism was hard on my control, but the saying is true: Your Diabetes May Vary.

Now, for salad dressings, I have to disagree with the iguana. I love experimenting with new dressings, and I like trying different kinds to compliment what I've put in my salad (both homemade and store bought). One of my favorites is to mix a tablespoon of tahini with a splash of vinegar, a squirt of lemon juice, a little water, and some pepper. There's a grocery near me that carries a really nice fig dressing, and when I visit Seattle I try to pick up a bottle of local blackberry dressing.

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